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Something to keep your hands busy!

Origami Flowers, Birds and Mindfulness packs.
Origami Flowers, Birds and Mindfulness packs.

It’s officially Screen-Free Week. From the 6th May to the 12th, people are meant to be putting aside their phones and tablets and going outside to smell the flowers (without googling what variety they are).

Meant to be…

Fold your own Dinosaur
Fold your own Dinosaur

Now if your hands are reaching for a phone that isn’t there, here’s our suggestion: Take up a new craft and keep them busy!

These origami packs contain a 64-page instruction booklet, sheets of art paper for folding, and are suitable for (almost) any age.

Pets, Flowers, you could even fold your own dinosaur for people feeling adventurous.

And it might even keep your eyes away from a screen for a while.

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