About us

We are a unique Art and Craft shop in the heart of Coulsdon Town.

Founded in 2002, Art & Craft Valley is in an ideal location for to provide everything you could need and with the ability to encourage people who had an interest in arts and craft, but had not had the opportunity to indulge at school.

The most popular lines are the amazing stock of wools, fabrics, materials and both acrylic and water colour paints and much more. However, these are just a small part of what you can find inside this Aladdin’s cave. We carry an extensive range of student and professional art materials, in every medium!

Since opening, Art & Craft Valley have been able to help local people with arts and craft and are always available to help people who have a problem. We have helped many school children with projects when their parents are mystified. We have organised many workshops and classes covering painting, sewing, dress making and much, much, more which have allowed people to learn new skills and meet new like-minded friends.

During COVID, to not let our customers down, we arranged to deliver material to them when needed, something we still do for our vulnerable customers. We also made over 5,000 fabric facemasks for a homeless charity in helping the community.

Always happy to help and get involved; be it school projects, gift ideas, or getting you out of a muddle of a sewing project! We have a strong background in the arts and a lifetime of dressmaking and craft experience and know-how to hand.

We always welcome people from far and wide to source their needs and materials or just pop in for a chat.

We are proud to be an active member of the Coulsdon Community. Our classes and workshop space have proven to be great at getting people creative, and together!

At the same time, we are a haven for dressmakers, crafters ,artists, professionals and amateurs who want to see what they’re buying and speak to like-minded people face-to-face.

Give us a ring on 02086603222 or better still, come by and say hi!


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